Acting Classes London

Our instensive, 8-hour acting course specializes in giving actors the tools they need to become more responsive, truthful and flexible performers.

Our acting classes are different as they concentrate on teaching through doing. The classes are totally interactive, and give you the chance to perform in a supportive, collaborative environment. Each class is limited to 12 attendees, so you’ll get one-on-one tuition and honest, constructive feedback.

We encourage you to bring in your own materials and monologues, which will get developed, showing you effective new ways to analyse text and really get to the heart of your character.

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Free eBook - How To Become An Actor

London Actors’ Hub is all about providing actors with valuable resources which help them reach their full potential as performers.

Whether you’re just taking your first steps into the acting industry, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, this eBook will provide you with insight which will help develop your career.

The book covers everything from acting techniques, to the practical everyday skills you need in order to develop your career. It perfectly complements our free content and will give you the guidance you need the boost your career and give the best performances of your life!

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Expert Content

The London acting industry can be an intimidating and confusing area to work in.

This is why we are dedicated to writing, curating and inviting outside experts to write informative, helpful and fun articles which will help you overcome your obstacles and really develop as an actor, both professionally and artistically.

With everything from guides to getting cast in feature films to how to make money as an actor between jobs, our content is an invaluable resource for any professional actor working in Abaya London today.

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