Want to make your acting more nuanced, believable and responsive?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a new technique to help you ace auditions and become more versatile and adaptable?

However you want to improve your acting, our acclaimed acting courses will give you the tools you need to become a more responsive, truthful and believable actor.

The classes have been designed by Aileen Gonsalves, the head of MA acting at Arts Ed London, as well as the artistic director of Butterfly and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Youth Ensemble.

At just £50 for an intensive 8-hour course, our acting classes offer some of the best value around in London! We genuinely believe that our London acting classes will really improve your acting skills, and if you disagree, we’ll give you a full refund.

So far, our classes have helped everyone from graduates of leading drama schools to artistic directors become more responsive, versatile performers. You can read what past attendees had to say about us here.

Our acting classes in London will provide you with the tools to:

  • Become a more truthful, nuanced and responsive actor
  • Quickly and effectively tap into the emotions needed for an audition, role or reading
  • Work to beat stage fright and performance anxiety
  • Become a more directable, flexible performer
  • Make actioning organic

Draws attention to the truthfulness of a piece.

Jocelyn Prah

I liked how interactive it was from the very beginning. The coaches were both very open with responding to questions and clear about what they wanted to teach and share. I really enjoyed it. I see how Meisner can draw attention to the truthfulness of a piece and getting me to actually consider the conditions and the choices I make.

Jocelyn Prah
Actress and dancer

What Makes Our Acting Classes Different?

Our classes are super intensive, as they are limited to just 12 attendees. Our classes focus on practical learning, because we feel that the best way to learn is to do! We believe that people are at their best in an open, safe environment, so each class is supportive and collaborative.

Constructive One on One Feedback
We give each of our students comprehensive one on one feedback and specific tips to improve their acting. Each student can bring their own materials, which they will work on over the 8 hour course. Our expert coaches will be on hand to help develop the materials with honest, constructive feedback. We guarantee that you will come away from our acting classes brimming over with new ideas on how to improve your performances!

Put Together By An Expert
The acting classes have been designed by Aileen Gonsalves, the director of the Youth Ensemble at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the founder of Butterfly Theatre Company and the head of acting at Arts Ed London, a leading UK drama school. Aileen has had a prestigious acting career, working with everyone from the RSC to the Royal Court, as well as appearing in various BBC dramas and feature films.

With Aileen’s assistance, the course is specifically designed to give you an awesome insight into the key methods which have made Aileen’s programme at Arts Ed one of the most unique and exciting drama courses in the UK.

Find Out How To Ace Auditions
Each class is led by 2 expert coaches, who are young, working actors who really understand the modern acting industry and what it takes to succeed. Our classes show you how to become more responsive and reactive- two qualities which make actors more “alive” and magnetic when performing. By using Butterfly’s techniques, you will always be the most alive actor in any room, and will therefore make a real impression in every audition you attend.

Not Satisfied? 100% Refund
We have complete faith in the fact that our acting classes will make you a better performer, so much so that we offer a full refund to anyone who doesn’t think so.

Given me ammunition in my acting skills

Julie Cheung

I enjoyed the structure of the workshop, ie: learning repetition and the 4 conditions in stages. It felt like a really good progression. It's given me ammunition in my acting to tackle monologues and other general acting skills. I liked the opportunity to not only participate, but watch others too- very helpful for learning too! I liked Siu-see and Evie's teaching style. Most importantly, it's given me the techniques for approaching texts and reminded me how acting is all about the other person. Ironically both the simplest and hardest thing to do!

Julie Cheung-Inhin
Actress and producer


Really connecting with your character’s emotions is one of the biggest challenges actors experience. Most actors have come off stage at some point, disappointed that they were incapable of truly connecting with their character and giving a truthful, emotionally authentic performance.

With the techniques you learn in our acting classes, you will never have that feeling again. We’re not saying that every performance will be perfect (we wish), but we do promise that with our help, every performance will be truthful.

Over the course of the Masterclass, we’ll introduce you to a number of techniques, taken from leading acting forms, and use them to show you new ways to become a more truthful, responsive actor.

So book now, and find out for yourself how we can develop your acting!

When: Saturday 30th August 10am to 6pm
Where: Omnibus Clapham. Get directions here.
Cost: £50 for an intensive 8-hour course


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