I loved everything about it! It really opened up so much for me.

Kim Burnett

I loved everything about it! I loved learning about Meisner and learning the 4 conditions. The coaches, Siu-see and Evie were really honest and informative. I loved acting opposite Evie- it makes a massive difference trying the technique with someone who understands it. I thought it was a brilliant workshop, and I am very excited about using it in my acting. It really opened up so much for me!

Thankyou SO MUCH!

Kim Burnett

It gave me a whole new perspective on acting!

Katie Clement

The coaches had lovely personalities which really came out! They made me feel very comfortable. They gave positivity to everyone, but they also had constructive criticism too. It gave me a whole new perspective on acting. I definitely want to do and know more!

Katie Clement
Actor and model

Very useful tips for auditioning.

Bryony Thomas

The workshop managed to cover lots, but also allowed us to explore Meisner, so it was consolidated learning. You don't often get something which gives you so much time for play and playback. Very useful tips for auditioning.

Given me ammunition in my acting skills

Julie Cheung

I enjoyed the structure of the workshop, ie: learning repetition and the 4 conditions in stages. It felt like a really good progression. It's given me ammunition in my acting to tackle monologues and other general acting skills. I liked the opportunity to not only participate, but watch others too- very helpful for learning too! I liked Siu-see and Evie's teaching style. Most importantly, it's given me the techniques for approaching texts and reminded me how acting is all about the other person. Ironically both the simplest and hardest thing to do!

Julie Cheung-Inhin
Actress and producer

I loved the laidback and open environment!

Bernice Pike

I loved the structure and the laidback and open environment. The workshop covered all the basics of Meisner, which gave me lots of apply to text and to develop further. There were lots of chances to get up and try it too!

Bernice Pike

Draws attention to the truthfulness of a piece.

Jocelyn Prah

I liked how interactive it was from the very beginning. The coaches were both very open with responding to questions and clear about what they wanted to teach and share. I really enjoyed it. I see how Meisner can draw attention to the truthfulness of a piece and getting me to actually consider the conditions and the choices I make.

Jocelyn Prah
Actress and dancer

I can't recommend it highly enough!

Emily Aitcheson headshot

I LOVED IT! I want more please! I felt like I received a detailed and thorough explanation of Meisner. I loved that it was broken down into chunks, which made it easy to access. Very comfortable setting and the coaches explained it brilliantly!

Emily Aitcheson, Producer & Actress
Lyric Theatre, London


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